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Preamp Overdrive, Fuzz and distortion all in one.

Hand built with two high gain silicon transistors, the Goblin Tone Distorter has intense yet smooth and full-bodied fuzz tone. Vintage distortion delivered with cost 

The EQ response is wide and even with a open broad lift on the full spectrum. USING THE GAIN 


Almost magical, the drive will aid the refinement of your desire fuzz tone by either augmenting or diminishing the natural chubbiness and density this circuit type can produce. Wide open the drive control will give you maximum bass and gain response further inc reading the intensity of the fuzz tone produced. Decreasing this control will add clarity and help preserve natural pick attack and picking dynamics and aid interaction with higher output pick-up types.

Sounds amazing on bass guitar too! Low gain will give you classic 60s/70s transistor distortion tones. Standard 9v operation so no worries about daisy-chaining with your other effects.

Fuzz control

The more intense fuzz tones are to be found in the last quarter of the rotation so only subtle movements are necessary. The less intense fuzz tones found with the dial set at the noon position and below become useful when the pedal is used with an overdriven valve amplifier. Please note: It is totally normal for this dial to produce a slight static noise as it is adjusted.


  • Matte sand white aluminum enclosure
  • Volume, Drive, and Fuzz controls
  • Green status LED indicator with lampshade cover
  • High end audio grade components
  • Genuine Neutrik input and output jacks
  • 1kg force foot-switch actuator
  • True bypass
  • DC standard jack 9V power rated

Handmade in Raleigh, North Carolina


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